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How to Record WhatsApp Calls


How to Record WhatsApp Calls

How to Record WhatsApp Calls
How to Record WhatsApp Calls

Hello friends, if you want to know How to Record WhatsApp Calls, then this application is for you to install this application. I kept the link below. If you want to know more about the details of this application, then you can visit my Youtube channel Technical Kashmiri, Now friends, there's a good thing about this application that you'll record all WhatsApp calls.

Cube Call Recorder ACR APK

How to Record WhatsApp Calls

In the most popular VOIP apps, Cube Call Recorder allows you to easily record your Whatsapp incoming and outgoing phone calls and conversations.
Cube Call Recorder supports:

-Phone calls;
-more coming soon!

Quality of crystal clear sound! Cube Call Recorder allows you to record the best possible quality of your calls and conversations.

Simple to use! 

Record your calls when and how you feel comfortable:
  1. Each call is automatically recorded: Record each conversation when it begins.
  2. Record selected contacts automatically: Create a list of people with whom you want to record all conversations.
  3. Recording by the manual: Tap the mid-call record button to only record selected conversations or parts of them.
  4. Playback in the app: Cube ACR has an integrated file explorer to manage, play, delete or export your recordings to other services or devices.
  5. Switching to an intelligent speaker: Bring the phone to your ear when playing to switch from loudspeaker to earspeaker to listen to your recordings privately.
  6. Recordings starred: Mark and filter important calls for quick access.
  7. Call back and open contacts directly from the app.

Best Features of Cube Recorder ACR

Easily configure the Cube Call Recorder ACR to work with.

Multiple audio sources: Select the audio source to be used to record conversations on your device to improve quality and compatibility.
Override short calls: You don't want to record short talks? To ignore them, set Cube Call Recorder.
Simple controls: Manage your recording process easily with the widget and functional controls.
Works with tablets: Even if your device doeminimalists not support cell phone calls, you can record Skype, Viber and WhatsApp conversations using Cube Call Recorder.

Note: If it doesn't work on your device or you only hear yourself on the playback, try changing the source of the recording in the settings or use the speaker mode automatically.

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